What to do ........

What to do when holed up in a caravan when the rain is pouring and there doesn't seam to be any let up? well knit of course!

Found this pattern lurking in one of the many 'to do' boxes so got to knitting again, nearly have two outfits made and ready to finish but don't have a doll made needing them. Still it was fun and whiled away the days that were really not outdoor weather days.

Now to find a doll that needs an outfit.......

I had forgotten how relaxing a bit of knitting can be and they talk of 'mindfullness'

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Wishing Everyone a Happy new year!

We start the year on Sunday 12th January 2020 for our AGM and New years Party. Looking forward to planning our next years activities and getting creative again. See you at our regular meeting place. x

Date of next Meeting:-

All our meetings are postponed for the forseeable future.

During this pandemic stay safe everyone.