Southern Belles 2020 Programme


At Wellow Village Hall 10.30am – 3.00pm

Date                                           Workshop                                                         Leaders


Sunday Feb.9th                  Technique file, book covering      All                                         


Sunday March 15th            Embroidery techniques project                                 


Sunday April 19th             Kathe Kruse Lookalike part 1. Bodies

Sunday May 10th              Kathe Kruse Lookalike part 2. Painting


Sunday June 14th             Kathe Kruse lookalike part 3. Painting and finishing          


Sunday July 12th              Visit to the home of Eddie and Ann to view

                                          their collection              

Sunday August 9th           Embroidery techniques 1


Sunday Sept. 20th            Embroidery techniques 2


Sunday October 11th        Visiting workshop leader                                   


Sunday November15th      Christmas workshop



Sunday January 12th         AGM and Christmas Party                                            All                      2020                                               



For those who wish to join in we are also going to have a project sew-along (with homework). 


So think about that piece of work you have been meaning to do for a while

Date of next Meeting:-

All our meetings are postponed for the forseeable future.

During this pandemic stay safe everyone.